Project Description
Visual Studio Lab (VSLab) exploits the power of F# and its interactive top level to provide an interactive environment similar to MatLab and Mathematica, in which you can easily create Add-ins and interact dynamically with them inside Visual Studio. Moreover, since F# is a compiled language, the final code can be compiled as a standalone application.
Goal of the project is to provide the basic infrastructure to turn Visual Studio in VSLab, and a number of addins (called viewlets) used to show data and support development of scientific based applications.

IMPORTANT! VSLab for VS2010 has just been released! I'm sorry but I had to give up and accept that today the only way to send keys to F# interactive window is by means of SendKeys... This means that you must have F# interactive visible when commands are sent by the VSLab addin.

Quick start
  • Install the MSI after Visual Studio 2010.
  • Go to Tools -> Add-in Manager in Visual Studio 2010
  • Select VSLab addin
  • Now you can load the VSLab support by pressing ShiftAltV (if no splashscreen shows go to Option -> Keyboard, type VSLab in the search box and ensure that ShiftAltV shortcut is associated with StartVSLab command).
  • Create a new Project of type VSLab Demo e play with the examples (note the Tutorial shall soon be updated, use the others)

Note: DirectX for .NET is required to run the 3D function viewer.

The Visual tutorial has moved in the new VSLab blog.



I wish to thank all the people that have contributed to this project: my students Davide Morelli and Sara Berardelli in the first place that have made possible the core mechanisms and the 3D viewlet respectively. Cristina Nardini and Emanuele Arpini from Microsoft that supported the idea, and Don Syme that developed such a beautiful piece of code (F# and the 3D viewer) and supported me during VSLab development. I also thanks all other people that are not mentioned here but that have contributed in many ways.

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